Let’s talk about sex… and baby making


As humans, many of us enjoy the connection experienced with our intimate partner through the act of sexual intercourse. If and when the time arrives, we can be blessed with one of nature’s most wonderful gifts, pregnancy. Planning a pregnancy can create stress for couples. It seems simple: have sex lots and make a baby. Easy, right? Consider the following before your baby making process begins.

When should we have sex?
Most of the women I see will have been BBT (basal body temperature) charting for at least 3 months so they know exactly when they are ovulating. Generally speaking a woman ovulates on day 14.

My advice for baby making is:

  • Have the man “clean his pipes” on day 9
  • From day 11 through to day 16 have sex daily
  • Twice daily on day 14 (or ovulation day as per your BBT chart)
  • Plus whenever it feels right.

Do women need to orgasm?
It is important that the woman has an orgasm after the man. It doesn’t matter how, clitoral, vaginal, anal etc so long as she orgasms. She releases the happy hormone, oxytocin, that decreases stress levels amongst other things. There are some theories about the uterine contractions helping thrust the sperm up.

What about lubricant?
Anything that is safe and fertility friendly. Personally, I recommend Conceive Plus if you use a lubricant while trying to conceive. Its pH range is compatible with human sperm survival and migration. We stock it, so pop on in to grab yours.

Should we have acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine before we start trying?
Most definitely. Before the act of conception begins it’s ideal to do a minimum three
months of treatments. It’s important to realise all treatments are unique for the individuals. It’s helpful to share any sperm analysis or blood test results.

Other helpful information:
For men, a new crop of sperm develops every ninety days, therefore, three months is a
perfect time to adjust ones lifestyle, diet, have acupuncture and incorporate (twice daily) Chinese herbal tea.

For women, similarly it’s also around three months for the follicles to turn into a mature egg and release. Three months is a good amount of time for the build up of the endometrium for strong implantation.

Further questions:

Contact me for further questions and clarification. Nothing makes me happier than helping couples along their fertility journey. Book here for your free 15 minute health consultation where we can discuss any questions you may have.


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