Postpartum hair loss

One of the things I love about Chinese medicine are the positive side effects. They include improved energy, sleep and mental clarity. So when some postpartum women notice hair loss, I am quick to recommend Chinese herbal medicine. What mother couldn’t do with more energy, better sleep and more focus?

Most likely, one of the herbs included in your medicine would be He Shou Wu (polygala vine), and it’s one of my favourites. He Shou Wu literal means Mr. He’s Black Hair. The short version of the story – Mr He was a weak, grey haired, 60-year-old man with no children. He found the polygala vine root and drank it as tea. He became strong, his hair turned black, he fathered several children and lived to over 100 years old.

In Chinese Medicine, hair is closely related to the health of our blood. There needs to be sufficient supply of nutrient rich blood and good circulation. Herbal medicine and acupuncture may be effective when treating postpartum hair loss and also explore any underlying condition/s. He Shou Wu would most likely be used along with other herbs that would be tailored to the individuals needs to achieve optimal health. Treatment would be focused on creating balance in the body by balancing hormones, strengthening the blood, improving circulation and directing qi and blood to the scalp.

He Shou Wu is known as the “elixir of life” and for a long time it has been famous for its immortality. The Chinese have known the effects and the goodness of this herb. It is said to slow the signs of aging especially premature greying of the hair and hair loss. Research shows it stimulates hair growth. It restore the colour and sheen of the hair. Sounds good to me!

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